The Design Process

The design process begins with an informal chat to understand the client, how they want to live in the property, their aspirations, time frame and budget. “These are the essentials,” says Claire. “Fortunately, having been involved in all levels of the process we can identify potential issues upfront.

I ask new clients if there’s one word or just a few that sums up what they’re after,” says Claire. “Recently a client said “Sumptuous,” and with a generous budget we installed antique flooring, book matched Carrara marble and richly detailed bespoke furniture. Another was for a high- end rental, “contemporary chic,” and so the emphasis was on ease of use and maintenance. For DIY SOS the interior designs were about using high street goods to create inspirational interiors. “Just throwing money at a project never works,” says Claire. “We see it all too often. There needs to be consideration and integrity in the work we do. It has to be something we’re proud of creating.”

Another important initial step is to identify any pet hates the client may have. They can be completely arbitrary. We’ve had clients who hate flagstone floors and love fitted carpets and vis versa. If it matters to them, it’s important to us. Our job is to understand the way the client thinks and wants to be perceived in their space.

The Design Process

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