Furniture from the ocean’s plastic

Furniture form ocean plastics

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Last year I was approached by Robert Milder of Van de Sant to create a new range of furniture made from Ocean Plastic. These new pieces would be aimed at the UK and yacht market.

I was intrigued and when I looked at their current range of outdoor furniture, really excited. What I loved most was that the furniture is first and foremost elegant, chic and excellent quality. The fact that it’s made from plastic recovered from the ocean is a bonus and a massive one at that.

It’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year and there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently out there. The problem is so acute that it has not surprisingly started to enter our food chain.

The answer to this problem is 2-fold. Firstly, to stop manufacturing and throwing away so much plastic, and secondly to clean up what there is and re-use it.

Producing elegant furniture is a small answer to this vast problem, but not only does it take plastic out of the ocean, it’s creative and most importantly creates awareness.

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