Design Services

My job is to realize my clients brief on time and to budget, ensuring that everything is the best it can be.

I don’t create just one style, each project is a unique response to the client, their lifestyle and the property, whether it’s the rich texture of a historic property or the clean crisp lines of contemporary chic. I am happy to design and manage the entire process (even on the other side of the world), or to provide a purely design service. Each project is unique and part of the initial discussions with the client is to ascertain what level of involvement is needed from me. Having worked on all levels of a project, I have a deep understanding of how a project works and the interaction of each of the elements within the project.

From the nitty gritty of wiring layouts, switching protocols and plumbing routes to the final hanging of drapes and plumping of cushions; it’s important to have a designer that understands how each area affects the final design.