Furniture Design

Bespoke furniture is part of the service Claire provides using craftsmen and women from around the country. All furniture is produced using the best materials available and the designs will be specific to the design scheme and client. They will never be replicated.

From a banqueting table to sit 50 guests at Longleat House to an Indian inspired coffee table, splitting as the client requested into 3 separate tables, Claire having created the designs, oversees every part of the manufacturing process.

“I think designing furniture is one of my favourite parts of the interior design process,” says Claire. “There is something magical about creating water colour sketches of what I envisage and seeing those grow into technical shop drawings and gradually into the final piece of furniture. I love choosing veneers and finishes. I love mixing patinated metals and glass with the timber. It’s always a joy to create something unique and special for the client.”

Furniture Project Images