Good lighting design is the real “TA DA!” moment of any interior or exterior design scheme. I love it. I love the way you can paint with light, bring out textures and shapes. Its theatrical, its entertaining but if it’s not done properly it can also destroy a design scheme.

Good lighting is about being up to speed with the newest technical advances and giving thought to switching protocols. This is all part of understanding how a client is going to live in and use a space. Most spaces that have mood lighting will also require task lighting at some point. Open plan living means special thought as to areas you may want to hide. Good lighting for reading is essential as is ensuring that lighting specified artworks heat or UV damage.

Outdoors lighting can be essential for safely marking paths and steps but perhaps also illuminating a feature tree that can look fabulous all year round.

Whether it’s evoking the atmosphere of flickering candle light or simple washing areas with cool, clean contemporary light, the importance of good lighting design should not be overlooked.

Lighting Project Images