Lighting Case Study

This massive basement garage had a few industrial bulkhead fittings and a light well at the far end.

The garage is used by two homes and is accessed from the street and from internal doorways. The main issue therefore is lighting protocols: which lights are to be switched from where and when. The higher light levels required for pedestrian walkways are not necessarily needed in the parking areas; so, although they shouldn’t be left in the dark, reducing the level over the vehicles avoids a “warehouse” feel.  In doing so however, one needs to remember that lighting to get in and out of cars might not be strong enough for mechanical work.

I already wanted to line the ceiling to hide unsightly pipework and this created a perfect vault to tuck ambient light fittings into. Walkways have simple downlights with decorative limestone pillars featuring contemporary fittings that spill light up and down.

Lighting protocols included timed switches and elegantly tucked away PIR sensors.

Project Progress Images