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  • Claire Rendall

B&Q Paints

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

b&q paints

Well here’s a thing. We are actually just a little in love with the Valspar range of paints from B&Q!!!

I know, imagine the look of surprise on our decorators face when they were expecting the usual suspects. Interior designers. B&Q..?

But in this range we have discovered some gems- from soft whites to bright contemporary acid hues. The paint itself is great quality. Creamy without being too thick and it covers really well.

We’ve chosen Bridal Veil and Putty White for a traditional attic bedroom. Its soft and the interesting thing is that similar to a long time favour, Lime White from Farrow & Ball, it changes colour and personality with the light. Just fabulous.

We’re looking at their range of wood stains to brighten a 1930’s oak floor too…will keep you posted.

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