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Bathrooms of Marble – Real or Faux

Updated: 4 days ago

With the increasing trend – in some cases necessity – for wet areas in bathrooms or complete ‘wet rooms’, there’s nothing more beautiful nor practical than marble. In this luxury ensuite we used book-matched Carrara marble to clad the entire room and central basin stand, behind which is a walk-through shower. The mirror is set into a glass screen so the one screen fulfils two functions. Using marble to cover the walls of floor of  bathrooms means all surfaces are simple to wipe clean and dry, including the solid walnut shelves in this design.

The image below is a guest bathroom in which we used faux marble tiles to great effect. The quality of today’s tiles for bathrooms makes it hard to distinguish them from the real thing! This was a tight space so we chose a basin with integrated shelves each side, resulting in clean simple lines. The minimalist IP-rated wall lights and fun twisted tap create a contemporary feel to an otherwise classic marble appearance. Faux marble is easy maintenance and even the wall picture is printed on glass, so no problems with damp or condensation in these bathrooms designs.

For further ideas on bathroom finishes and images of our designs for classic and contemporary bathrooms just click here: Bathroom Design

If you love the look of Carrara marble – the material and quarry used by Leonardo Da Vinci –  you can read about its fascinating history here: About Carrara marble

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