Water Feature Design

For centuries water features have added that magical trickle, a delightful background noise that relaxes and enhances any space.

I always think it’s unprofessional to criticise other designers work, one never knows the parameters or brief that they had to work with, but when I saw this I knew we could make massive improvements.


The trellis made a narrow passageway even darker and gloomier so I selected a lovely creamy Egyptian limestone and we clad both the floor and wall. This immediately lifted the whole space into somewhere bright, contemporary and extremely chic.

The client loved Asian art and I found this lovely Ganesh bronze.


Entrance water feature

I loved his rich patina and wonderful detail. It was just the piece to contrast with the limestone. To add more texture and to give the water something to trickle over and thereby make a gentle sound, I installed ridged limestone panels behind the sculpture with a water feed at the top and light tucked into the water in the stone trough below. We mounted the sculpture on an elegant limestone plinth. I didn’t want to detract from the sculpture itself.


As with any water feature there are tricky elements- getting the water to run smoothly and evenly is an obvious one so precision is needed when fitting the water blade and ensuring the tiles are evenly mounted for the water flow. I also removed the plain stained portico over the entrance door and used beautiful carved posts from the Swat Valley instead.


We were all thrilled with the result. I love the balance of light and dark- the dark bronze and portico against the limestone and a hint of pure blue in the water trough.