From yard find to chic seating

International Lighting Design

There’s nothing I like more than furtle around dealers back yards and barns. It’s amazing what you can find that will suddenly trigger an idea.

I was working on a harbourside project in Sydney and had taken a gloomy side passage, created planters and a water feature and wanted more texture to soften the Egyptian limestone that I’d used to clad the walls. I also wanted a feature that could be seen from a sofa and desk area. It’s really important to consider sightlines and views

I stumbled (literally!) on this, a fabulous Rajasthan stone window. I just loved it.


I loved the idea of the contrast with the cream limestone and having a closer look decided that I could mount a mottled mirror in the main aperture, insert a stone seat between the frame and carved cartouche and hey presto!




It was getting pretty cramped. I’d had the planters built with LEDs along the underside and the gardeners were lining the inside of the planters so the soil didn’t leach through and stain the stone. The stone mason carefully mounted the frame with inset mirror.


I has also found an Indian marble fountain base which I used as a planter, again to soften the limestone and give a focal point at the end of the passageway.


The seat works really well tucked amongst the exotic planting an I love that you don’t see it when you initially enter the passageway, it reveals itself gradually.

Lighting Design by Claire Rendall

The passageway looks particularly glamorous at night and I’ll be talking about lighting in a later blog.