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Every interior design project is a unique journey: a singular, bespoke response to the client, their brief and their budget. My job is to understand the way the client thinks and how they want their space to be perceived; there needs to be consideration and integrity in every step of the work that I do in order to offer value for money while exceeding the client's expectations. The end result must always be something we’re proud to have created together.

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Initial meeting

In the first meeting, I ask clients if there are a few words that sum up what they’ want. The initial chat gives me a good steer about likes and dislikes and their aspirations.

Mood boards

Mood boards are helpful if the client has seen something they like. I’m  happy to create one for them so I can pin down what their tastes are.

Defining your style

Recently a client simply said “sumptuous”. So for this project it was all about rich textiles, solid walnut skirtings and door frames and 200-year-old oak flooring. 


The budget is decided at the very beginning.  If the project requires build works, with the builder I create an Opinion of Probable Costs  with key payment points

Initial drawings

Once the styling is agreed, I’ll start to put together the principle rooms for the client's approval.


Sample veneers, fabrics, tiles etc will be brought to discuss. Even further down the line in the project, I still like to give clients a choice.


A schedule with key progress points for delivery and installation runs in tandem with the budget so the client has a clear view of progress & associated cost at each stage.

Drawings & Plans

From initial design sketches and discussion with the client, final drawings are created and costed for client sign off.


Comparative quotes are gathered from tried and tested contractors.


Following discussions with client, a final list of materials and furnishings is selected and costed, with delivery dates entered into the schedule.


Many years of being involved in large projects gives an understanding of either project managing or working with the project manager to ensure deadlines are met.


Your projects delivered on time, on budget, to the highest standards.

Claire has a unique ability to turn a half-formed idea into a fully-formed, viable plan that exceeds all expectations of an interior designer's role.

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View my design process case studies

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