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Lighting sets the entire mood of any given space - it can supplement elements of texture, shape and mood. It can be theatrical. It can be entertaining. But it must be practical: done badly, lighting design can destroy a planned arrangement.

Keeping up to date with technical advances and smart home innovations plays a big part in my contemporary lighting design proposals, prepared in line with my understanding of how a client is going to use a space. Mood lighting may also require task lighting options; good lighting for reading is essential, as is ensuring that lighting for specified artworks offers protection against heat or UV damage. An Exterior lighting layout is essential for safely marking paths, steps and driveways, while the addition of an illuminated tree or water feature to soften the practical aspects can look fabulous all year round.


Whether it’s evoking the atmosphere of flickering candle light or simply washing selected spaces with cool, clean contemporary light, the importance of good lighting design should never, ever be overlooked.

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lighting design


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