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Often we get involved with designing areas that don’t fit into the usual descriptions. Lifts and garages are classic examples of this and come with their own issues.

For both of these interiors, it’s essential to consider practicalities of wear and tear. For lifts, even private personnel lifts are at some point used for heavy or awkward goods so below the dado height should be relatively hard wearing, even if it’s decorative panelling, or they need to be covered in a way that’s quick and easy to replace. Being a small interior we also need to avoid any feeling of enclosure.

For garages, flooring needs to either be easy to clean any oil spills, or really well sealed, or easy to replace. Some clients don’t want to hear squealing tyres, some seem to love it! As with all other areas of design, it’s all about designing for the specific client.

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Interior, exterior, lighting and bespoke furniture design

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