Case Studies

We don’t just sell one style of Interior Design. Each project is a unique journey, a unique response to the client and their brief. Here we show several projects (we’ll be adding more later) as the projects progress and talk about some of the issues we had to overcome. Rarely are our projects just about decoration (though we do that too), often clients take the opportunity to upgrade lighting and plumbing. Often too there are architectural issues to be resolved.

  • Luxury outdoor terrace lighting

Exterior Case Study

The approach to a property is as important as the interior, it sets the tone. There should also be a synergy between to view from inside out and vice versa. Lighting, planting, surfaces and viewpoints should all be considered as part of the overall scheme.

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  • Luxury garage lighting dessign

Lighting Case Study

Lighting can make or break a project whether it’s theatrical or understated. Complex lighting protocols and practicalities especially for clients with important works of art and furnishings are all considered. So too is keeping up with technology allowing us to be more environmentally aware.

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  • Swivel chair furniture design

Furniture Design Case Study

Some clients want entire collections of bespoke furniture or sometimes it’s just one piece to compliment an existing interior. It’s about creating something unique to them and their property. From creating initial watercolour sketches to selecting all veneers and detailed finishes, I oversee and direct the entire production process.

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  • Luxury garage design

Garage Design Case Study

It’s always a joy to be asked to create something a little different from the norm. Luxury garages to lift interiors to creating sculptural pieces for a once neglected area. As with any design brief it’s about understanding the client’s lifestyle and expectations.

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Design Transformation Case Study

It’s difficult to understand what has been achieved in a project unless you see the before and after shots. Here are some of our favourites…

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