The exterior and garden design sets the whole tone for the property. It’s true that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so entrances are really important whether they want to be subtle and low key, or something with more of a presence.

The external setting is also an essential part of the interior design- as important as any painting or window treatment. When I asked Lord Bath what colour he’d like for his curtains ( I was angling for something subtle!), he proudly replied “Crimson!” I asked why and he said it was because it would contrast beautifully with the Capability Brown parkland outside. And who could argue with that!

Themes of colour, texture and shape are just as important outside as for the interiors. Lighting and furniture styles are important too. Practicalities are more acute outside because they are impacted by the weather. For one client we discussed floor and wall treatments; for the outside terraces and courtyards we all really loved Egyptian Limestone so I discussed a regular maintenance programme to keep it looking immaculate. For a high-end rental property, I selected ceramic faux bleached oak for the pool terrace. It was easy to keep looking smart and was also, essentially, non-slip.

Exteriors Project Images