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Bedroom Design The Cotswolds

Interior Designer
The Cotswolds 

The Cotswold's has become one of the country's most popular regions to live for good reason. Steeped in history and built from wonderful honey coloured stone, the properties to be found here are very special and I've been fortunate enough to create some lovely traditional interior designer projects.

Electic Home

The style for this Cotswolds interior designer embraced the eclectic collection of furniture and art.  Stone mullion windows look out over the countryside, while inside silver grey silk curtains hang behind soft grey velvet sofas. The traditional interior look is lifted with occasional contemporary art.

Cotswolds Manor House

This Cotswold Interior required a specialist paint finished to enhance the entrance. Trompe L'oeil was used to create faux panelling enhancing the traditional design feel.

Cotswolds Dining Room Design

Using specialist floor paint for this interior design project creates a stylish statement in the dining room. Its a simple process that can transform any space.

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