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  • Claire Rendall

Glass – in a class of its own in design

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

In my interior and exterior designs I love working with glass. It can be elegant, colourful, artistic, and used for safety in addition to its traditional architectural functions.

Glass ornate design

Improvements in its manufacture have produced so many grades and shades, with unbreakable varieties, easy-to-clean and classy.

For art applications I’ve often manipulated my own photos. In the example above I created a Warhol-style triptych by having the images printed on glass to feature in a client’s entertainment room. I used the same technique to create the poolside art below. The urn and cypress pictures are printed on unbreakable panels which are safe, wipe dry, and the images never fade. We sub-lit and raised the panels for dramatic evening lighting.


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