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  • Claire Rendall

Any Colour so long as it’s White!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Any white colour designs

Many times have I met dismayed people who have picked and mixed sanitary wear and “white” tiles for a bathroom to find that the sink, loo, bath and shower tray are all different whites and far from being the cool sophisticated look they were after, it looks like a dogs breakfast.

There are many things one has to consider, one of them being that realistically it is very difficult to match say white glass to a white bathtub. And one must also bear in mind how lighting plays an ever so important part in all this. LED lighting can be a warm or cold light, this makes a huge difference. Similarly with texures, shiny white will react differently to dull white and on it goes.

So it is all a bit of a minefield. I always start with the pieces for which there aren’t many options and go from there. It is easier to find the right white paint than the right white bath tub for example. I also think that the overall design should be so engaging that the eye is entertained by its loveliness and the palette of whites adding rather than distracting to the experience. As ever, interior design is not as easy as some would believe..!


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