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  • Claire Rendall

Floor Paints

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

B&Q floor paints

While we’re talking about paints this week, we have found a fabulous floor paint from Ronseal. The great thing about it, apart from the fact that it is extremely hard wearing, is that it comes in some fabulously fashionable colours.

We really loved this Pebble Grey which we put together with a flat white.

You have to think about the pattern carefully and which bits to mask and which to paint. Here we’ve painted over a pine floor that was a horrible orange colour and transformed it into a floor that made a subtle and smart statement.

We treated the skirting boards and painted the doors with chalk paint. This married to chic grey silk curtain made for a delicious dining room. It looks very high end interior design, but apart from the time, was a fairly inexpensive option.


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