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Indoors & Outdoors Spring Living

Updated: Mar 23

Seamless transitions: Spring to Summer; Indoors to Out!

Spring is upon us and thoughts turn to renewal and renovation, indoors and outdoors. Perhaps even to moving home. What’s essential, even in milder climates, is to style your home so light, fresh air and sunshine can pour into your living space. Even more ideal is when you can architecturally blend those interior and exterior areas for a ‘free flow’ lifestyle similar to our transformation of this luxury city villa.

We opened the entire front of the building with frameless bi-fold doors allowing uninterrupted views. This design also lets you transit indoors and outdoors unimpeded. Windows and doors are fitted with blinds that are automated with sun and wind to give protection indoors. The outdoors table suits all weathers, being a massive piece of solid marble resting on a very sturdy base made from carved pillars from the Swat Valley in Afghanistan!

After upgrading the pool at the front of the property, we created a ‘water wall’ to the left of the outdoors terrace. This serves the dual purpose of giving the client total privacy while allowing the lovely trickle of water into the Italian-mosaic tiled pool. The whole effect is enhanced by LED lights recessed into the water wall. Whether viewed from indoors or outdoors, the illuminated wall casts a magical glow by night that creates a shimmering lightshow.

As the image above shows, when the bi-fold doors are open there is a seamless transition from the interior living areas to the outdoors terrace. Internally the flooring is 200-year-old French oak from a tobacco factory in the Loire Valley which leads out onto exquisite Egyptian limestone tiles. This whole effect is undeniably luxurious and tranquil.

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