• Claire Rendall

Making a Splash

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, tiz summer, truly, and some clients are re-assessing their outdoor spaces and in particular their swimming pools.

Private pools can be a joy and here’s just one that I’ve transformed in the past couple of years.

This pool was in a particularly unpleasant state, but location being all, was in a fabulous private courtyard in Sydney. It was a good size so we wanted to keep the structure. The clients brief was for a design that needed the minimum of upkeep.

It had a pretty nasty mozzy pit at one end which the client didn’t want. This was great, it would give more space for lounging about and allowed me to create an open, contemporary space.

The architecture of the building was dated and now, because of legislation regarding domestic pools, illegal. This meant I could get rid of the black railings. I replaced the railing with chic, contemporary glass. This met with the legal requirement and gave the back of the property a completely different feel.

For the deck I used ceramic tiles with a faux bleached oak effect. This meant that they were low maintenance and because they had a slight texture, were none slip. Because they were ceramic tiles and had sharp edges when cut, I had a rounded limestone edge put around the pool. Soft and comfortable to sit on and gives a lovely St Tropez contrast with the newly lined, now blue, pool.

One of my favourite features are the glass panels. I wanted something that would break up the wall, but be no maintenance. I created the designs- just love the shape of Cyprus trees and thought it would be fun to have a sparkling water texture printed inside the shape. I also love the contrast of the classical urn. These images I had printed into the glass.They wont fade, need no maintenance and I uplit them so they look terrific at night.

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