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Styling to Sell a Lifestyle

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Styling to sell

Now’s the perfect time to prepare your property for the Spring market. Decluttering is really the first step towards styling to sell. Cast a critical eye over decorations, ornaments, clothes and kitchen accessories. And we’re just talking interiors at this stage. Streamlining starts there, paving the way for the bigger tasks of repainting if needed, cleaning, carpet steaming, and possibly renewing the odd faded lampshade or tired curtains. What you invest now in effort, time and outgoings will add considerably to the value of your home.

The key with selling a residential property is to present a lifestyle that potential buyers could want. Make it aspirational. Their taste won’t be the same as yours but everyone admires style. Ensure every room reflects that desire and then you can ‘dress the set’ with fresh flowers, scatter cushions, a few select magazines – all to the backdrop of light and fresh air pouring in from the garden. And have coffee brewing in the kitchen – clichéd but effective. Your potential purchasers need to be able to imagine living there with their families and showing it off to their friends.
Styling to Sell can be an art form. For the luxury end of the market, inviting in a designer to maximise the impact of your interiors – and exteriors – is highly recommended. We make recommendations to suit buying trends which could involve temporarily adding loaned artworks or statuary, altering furniture layout, placing foliage strategically – all to ensure the eye has something of interest at every turn, indoors and out. If required, we undertake the entire ‘styling to sell’ project for your convenience and profit.

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